About Filjan, Inc.

We understand how important it is to have the right technology solutions in place and that not every solution is a one-size-fits-all approach. We have been helping businesses like yours find technology solutions that fit their unique needs for over 25 years. We take pride in our ability to provide personalized, one-on-one service, ensuring that your technology requirements are met with the utmost care. Our commitment to customer satisfaction has enabled us to build lasting relationships with our clients and partners.

Vision Statement

Filjan, Inc. wants to help create the solution your business needs within the time frame you need it. Our priority is to create a partnership in which our custom design and development services can aid in your business development and provide long-lasting beneficial relationships. Filjan, Inc. will work closely with you to improve your business use of technology assets in this fast-paced market.

General Experience

Filjan, Inc. has been providing design and development solutions for large and small companies. Development projects have included database solutions, custom desktop applications, and complete Intranet/Internet business solutions.

Do You Need To Contact Us?

Feel free to reach out to us with questions and feedback via email (info at Filjan.com).