About Filjan, Inc.

If you are stuck with an off-the-shelf application that doesn’t meet your needs or no application at all, we can work with you to produce quality software to automate your business and increase your bottom line. Beware of the fly-by-night outfit that truly does not understand the technologies involved. We can save you money because we understand the technology and can make use of appropriate technologies to cut costs and reduce development time, with the highest quality.

Vision Statement

Filjan, Inc. wants to help create the solution your business needs, within the time frame you need it. Our priority is to create a partnership in which our custom design and development services can aid in your business development and provide long-lasting beneficial relationship. Filjan, Inc. will work closely with you to improve your business use of technology assets in this fast-paced market.

General Experience

Filjan, Inc. has been providing design and development solutions for large and small companies. Development projects have included database solutions, custom desktop applications, and complete Intranet/Internet business solutions.

Where is Filjan, Inc. Located?

Filjan is located in the state of Arizona, just North of Phoenix. Our address is:

Filjan, Inc.
PO Box 2303
Carefree, AZ 85377